Adorno’s theory of Standardization in relation to Rhythmical elements in Deathcore Music (Link to full document).

Adorno’s theory of ‘standardization’ and ‘psuedo-­‐individualisation’, although controversial, can be applied to many popular music genres. Deathcore music is a 21st century invention that was spawned from a combination of Metalcore and Death Metal music of the late 20th Century. This study will demonstrate musical similarities between Deathcore, Metalcore, and Death Metal, highlighting Adorno’s theory of standardization. My own musical analysis will demonstrate key elements of the music that Adorno would describe as ‘standardized’. This is ultimately to prove that Deathcore music is defined by its often-­‐recycled nature using predetermined musical devices, whilst simultaneously borrowing ideas from it’s preceding subgenres.

emmure 2

“This   example   in   particular   demonstrates   the   construction   of   a   Deathcore  Breakdown.  In  b.35,  there  is  a  drum  fill  that  it  used  to  lead  into  the  ‘breakdown’  section.  The  ‘breakdown’  starts  in  b.36,  which  is  extremely  similar  to  the  way  in  which  this  is  deployed  in ‘Chelsea  Grin’.  Every  instrument  plays  a  crotchet  on  beats   on   1   and   3,   leaving   space   and   rhythmic   tension.   This   is   followed   by   a  rhythmic   phrase  similar   to   what   had   been  previously  presented   in  the   verse  sections,   linking   to   Adorno’s   theory   of   ‘nothing   fundamentally   novel   will   be  introduced’.  Although  one  could  argue  that  the  recapitulation  of  musical  material  is  not  only  apparent  in  popular  music,  but  many  ‘serious’  musics too.” – Joe Perkins