Route multiple audio outputs from Max/MSP into Pro Tools.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to send multiple audio outputs from Max/MSP to Pro Tools, whilst still allowing Max MSP to have priority over your soundcard. The aim of this is so that live music performances in Max/MSP can be performed whilst simultaneously recording the performance into Pro Tools in individual tracks (This can be in stereo or multiple outputs such as 5.1). You will need to download ‘Soundflower’ from the following link:

(Once installing the computer will need to be restarted)

Firstly, open up Max/MSP  and go to ‘Max Audio Status’. Your Input device should be set to your desired audio interface or sound card. The Output device should be set to Soundflower (2ch) or (64ch) depending on whether you need stereo or multi-output sent to Pro Tools.

The next step is to open up sound flower in your applications. This should then reveal a Soundflower icon next to the search bar at the top right hand side of your desktop. Click on this icon and a drop-down list of sound card options will appear. Choose your desired Audio interface from the list. (There will also be an option for 2ch or 64ch. Choose accordingly).

Type ‘Audio MIDI Setup’ into your search-bar, and click on the application. There will be a drop-down list of different options, including ‘Pro Tools Aggregate I/O’. Click on here and check/tick the box to enable Soundflower to coincide with Pro Tools.

The final step is to open Pro Tools with a new audio track/s and select the desired/predetermined audio outputs from Soundflower as the Inputs for the audio track in Pro Tools.

These steps will enable you to unobtrusively record multiple outputs from Max MSP to Pro Tools on Mac.