JP 800 2210 – Kemper Profile

This 100 watt JCM 800 isn’t exactly the most practical amplifier in the world! Creating a profile of this 1984 valve amplifier has meant that I can now take this tone to recording sessions, rehearsals and concerts without breaking my back and deafening everyone within half a mile of it! When listening back to recordings of the genuine amplifier and the KPA I noticed that the tonal differences were so minute that the practicality of using my JCM 800 profile far outweighed using the real thing for most of the work I do today.

I profiled this amplifier close to full volume with the preamp gain on 10 for the High Gain (HG) profile with an SM57 on-axis (1960 4×12). This also works brilliantly with a Tube Screamer to push the amplifier into a tight modern-metal tone.

The second profile was similarly recorded at close to full volume with the preamp gain set around 7 (MG). This was captured with an SM57 slightly off-axis (1960 4×12). I feel this particular profile is the best all-round rock profile in my collection and most faithfully captures the essence of this particular JCM 800 – This is my go-to rock tone!