Marlboro JP-20R – Kemper Profile


This Kemper profile was created with my first amplifier, a Marlboro G-20R. This 1970’s American made transistor amp has an extremely unique tone, and I’ve used it on many of my recordings. The amp has a built in spring-reverb tank and a very harsh On/Off tremolo effect which I’ve managed to replicate with the Kemper’s inbuilt effects.

This particular profile is one of my favourites due to my sentimental attachment with the amp and it’s characteristic lo-fi drive – which I feel was captured accurately in the profiling process – I recorded this amplifier in a studio with an SM57 on-axis at full volume. It’s very loud – so having the ‘all on 10’ attitude at a reasonable volume has been another huge benefit of the Kemper profile.

I hope you enjoy this rare 70’s anomaly as much as I do!


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